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Testing and Treatment
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Testing Programs
We review a core spectrum of tests to assists us in assessing the current value of your biological assets, which is integrated with your medical history and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis to help us guide you to your wellness goals.

Treatment Programs
We perform only those treatments deemed necessary based on the results of your medical history, TCM diagnosis and our testing. Some of these treatments are:

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CWP (Comprehensive Wellness Panel)
A CWP is a comprehensive blood panel of 43 blood serum markers to evaluate your core body system functions.
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CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)
A CMP is a comprehensive blood and urine sampling of metabolic co-factors to evaluate your vitamin, enzyme and mineral levels along with inflammation and allergen levels in your body.
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Body Composition Assessment.
In this procedure we scientifically measure, non-invasively, key body composition elements. These elements include Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, Fat Mass, and Body Mass Index
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Health Risk Factor Report Card:
We prepare your Health Risk Factor Report Card from your test results review and provide healthy suggestions for key areas to insure a safe path for you to health and wellness.
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Acupuncture to treat Pain, Detox,Emotional and Physiological Disorders.
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Chinese Herbal Formulas
Standard Material Medica formulas and modifications as adjunctive therapy.
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Heat Therapy
Moxa, Far Infrared Radiation. Adjunctive therapy to move vital substances and relieve pain
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Whole body Adjunctive Ear Micro System a holographic representation of body's anatomical and organ systems.
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Auricular Therapy
Auricular Therapy - Adjunctive Ear Micro System Modality
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Nutritional Consultation
Nutritional Consultation - Balancing Food & Supplements
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Supplement Details

At Our Clinic we use the Highest Grade Nutritional Supplements to achieve the best results! These Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements guarantee the highest Quality, Purity, and Bio-Availability

    Why take Supplements?
  • Many conditions can improve or be prevented by specific nutritional supplements
  • Certain medications can deplete vitamins and minerals from your body
  • Stress and disease deplete nutrients
  • Due to soil depletion, conventional foods have lower density of nutrients than in the past
  • More people are eating highly processed foods with lowered nutritional value
  • Recommended Daily Intakes (USDA RDI's) are probably too low for therapeutic benefits
  • Food processing and cooking impair or remove nutrients
  • High toxin levels in the body increase the need for high concentration of nutrients
    Why use a Professional Grade Supplement? There are no standards for quality and few government regulations for the supplement industry. One must be careful when making decisions on supplements based on price alone. With inexpensive supplements you may end up with an inferior product that doesn't improve your health or worse yet the inexpensive product may contain impurities or additives that could actually make you worse.

    The supplements we offer are formulated based on scientific literature for efficacy and manufactured with the highest grade raw materials and manufacturing processes. All of the products we offer are manufactured according to the standard of the U.S.Pharmacopeia and the FDA current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.
    What do High Quality Supplements Contain?
    The supplements used in our clinic are:
  • Non-allergenic - Many "natural" supplements come from food sources such as corn, soy, yeast, dairy or egg, which may cause allergy problems. Additionally, coloring agents can also cause allergic reactions. All of our supplements are non-allergenic

  • Pure - Some supplement manufacturers try to reduce cost by adding inexpensive fillers, binders, lubricants and pill disintegrators. The manufacturers we use do none of these processes and also test for toxins, heavy metals, and bacteria. As an example, fish oils can contain carcinogenic PCB's, mercury, and other toxins. Our manufactures certify they contain none of these.

  • Correct potency - Labeling can be misleading. Studies of off-the-shelf nutritional products have shown that what is commonly listed on the label may not be in the container. The products we carry publish independent assays of their products.

  • Standardized Herb Potency - Some of the products we carry are a combination of nutritionals and herbs. The potency of herbs in a supplement can vary widely, depending on what part of the plant is used, the time of year it was harvested, how long it was stored, or how it was processed. Our supplement manufactures use herbs with a "Standardized" potency, so you will know exactly how much of the biologically active part of the herb you are ingesting.
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  • Recent Development No1
    Check here from time-to-time for new late-breaking developments in the fields of both Western and Western Medicine and will feature them here to add to our ever-expanding menu of treatments.
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    Recent Development No2
    Check here from time-to-time for new late-breaking developments in the fields of both Western and Western Medicine and will feature them here to add to our ever-expanding menu of treatments.
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