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Our Clinic's Mission...
    Bring a hectic, stressful, uncomfortable life back into balance naturally with the time-tested therapies of Eastern Medicine and the basic Health Elements:  Nutrition, Exercise, Air, Water and Sleep. We first tailor to your specific needs the two most controlable Health Elements Nutrition and Exercise. Breathing techniques and air purification methods are then tailored for you along with plain water consumption frequency, quantity and water purification methods.

    We blend your regimen of conventional medication with complementary medical therapies of Board Certified Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to address your specific health disorder and discomfort. We want to serve as a member of your personal team of doctors and health-care professionals to help you achieve a "better quality of life.".

    Thank you

John Tourkolias,   Health Director

Our Clinic's Procedure...

    We take the time to listen. We schedule more time with you than a typical doctor visit to truly understand your condition and assist with physical, emotional and spiritual healing which takes time and we go that extra mile for our patients.

    We perform in-depth laboratory analysis and medical history for each patient. Our analysis is much more comprehensive than traditional laboratory assessments. We also use more in-depth interpretation of the lab values from a functional perspective, as one may have "normal values but normal does not always indicate "optimal." We look for functional trends in your lab values and propose steps of intervention before you become chronically ill.

    We treat the cause. Our philosophy is to help you find and understand the hidden causes of your health challenges and create a customized treatment plan for you.

    We use the healing power of nature with lifestyle changes and natural remedies, such as acupuncture that stimulate the vital force of the body to heal itself. On the other hand, conventional medical practices focus on pricy drugs that mostly treat symptoms and may cause serious harmful side-effects.

Clinic's Founder and Health Director Certifications:
    John T Tourkolias:    LAc., Dipl. Ac.   MS (Oriental Medicine),   BS (Engineering)
Areas of Specialization:
    Integrate conventional medical protocols with complementary medicine regimens to achieve the highest possible health and quality of life levels. On-going research for mechanisms of: Aging and Longevity, Nutrition/Exercise Physiology, Electro Acupuncture and the Human Nervous Systems.

Professional Affiliations and Activities:
    UCI School of Medicine, Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine. Served on Planning Committee of continuing education series for Md's and allied health care providers:
  • November 2004; Traditional Chinese Medicine - An Evidence-Based Approach to Acupuncture

  • December 2005; 2nd Annual Traditional Chinese Medicine - An Evidence-Based Approach to Acupuncture
  • March 2006; Integration of Natural Medicines: Bridging The Treatment Divide - An Evidence-Based Approach
  • February 2007; Nutrition for Health - An Evidence-Based Approach through Diet and Supplements
Member California State Oriental Medicine Association

Professional Experience:
    As a National and California State licensed Acupuncturist I founded and operated the Village Wellness Center, a highly successful Acupuncture Clinic in Long Beach CA for nearly a decade. As a highly regarded professional since 1961, I Have been actively and continuously serving the Arts & Sciences Community.
  • 2002 - Present; Private Practice, Village Center for Wellness, Long Beach, CA
  • 2002 - 1999; Premedical/Complementary Alternative Medicine development &
  • 1980 - 1998 Consultant to technology companies developing solutions for tracking health hazardous materials
  • 1970 - 1980 Marketing Executive, Hewlett Packard Co. developing computer solutions for Healthcare Industries
  • 1965 - 1970 Member Technical Staff Hughes Aircraft Co., design and evaluation of electronic and electromagnetic devices
  • 1961 - 1965 Airborne Test Engineer, Lockheed Aircraft
Performed as a Science and Arts professional for over 45 years.

Testimonials From Patients and Colleagues:
    Dear Dr. Tourkolias,
    I take this opportunity to extend my profound thanks for the highly reliable, competent and effective treatment and counsel you provided. I had actually undergone over six months of X-rays, pain medication and physical therapy with virtually no inprovement. After you initial acupuncture treatment I noticed on the next day about a 50% reduction in pain. I had the same result in the following two visits with the same result in pain reduction. Within a month you did what my doctors and therapists could not in 6 months. Once again i thank you.
    T. L.

    John , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all the help you've given me, Its so wonderful to find someone who cares about giving me a better quality of life.
    Bless You!!

    Dear John,
    Just a heartfelt Christmas note to thank you for your concern and care during 2007. I admire our medical knowledge and skill, and appreciate the time and effort that you have extended to me in looking after my medical well being. Also, I value our continuing and developing friendship - including our mutual sense of humor. GO PACKERS

Clinic's Exclusive Membership Program
    The Clinic is in the process of setting up an exclusive membership program that will provide a secured online channel for communication and coordination. As a member you will be continuing receiving new beneficial items as:

Clinic,s Payment Plans and Financial Arrangements
    Payment is expected at the time services are performed. We presently only accept cash or checks; however, credit and debit card charges will be available shortly. When extensive health care is necessary or when medical insurance is involved, financial arrangements can be made with our office. Please inquire about our financing plans. Our primary concern is your health and well being. Nevertheless, we will be sensitive to your financial circumstances within the framework of sound business practices
Visa, MasterCard and American Express wall be available soon!

A Word about Acupuncture Insurance

    Our accounting department will verify that you have acupuncture coverage and prepare all of the necessary forms for this important benefit. However, we remind you that your policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company, not between your insurance company and our office. We can make no guarantee of any estimated coverage, but we'll do our best to see that you receive your maximum benefits. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your total obligation should your insurance benefits result in less converge than anticipated.
Preventative Medicine and Insurance

    Preventative medicine, herbal formulas and supplements are generally not covered by most medical insurance policies.
Please review our Patient Intake Form to assure all information is complete and correct.

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