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We depend eating nutritious food... without it we cannot function and sustain life.
  • The most powerful drug we take is called "food!"
  • Drink lots of pure water!
  • Chew food thoroughly and eat in peaceful environmens.
  • Select quality wholesome food .and enjoy its aroma.
  • After eating take time to relax

  • "Treat an illness first with food, only if this fails should medicine be prescribed"
    Sun Simao (581 - 682 CE) - Court Physician Tang Dynasty

The care and feeding of the human body.

Kowing what and how to eat, how you determine what foods you select, knowing what your diet's contents; freedom to pick when, where and how you eat. There is a direct correlation between the quality of food ingested and the quality of health we experience. The more vitality in the food, the more vitality available to your body - you are what you eat.

Chewing your food completely and peaceful eating will allow you gastric juices to flow properly in your stomach. Take normal relaxing breaths and enjoy the aroma of your food. Consider the source of your food, where it comes from. Hhow was it grown and harvested. Enjoy the experience!

We live in a culture where the tendency is to process, package and preserve everything. Additionally, we tend to contaminate our foods while in the growing process by adding insecticides and herbicides as well as hormone and antibiotics. Harmful additives to the feeds of animals significantly affect their food quality. These practices significantly diminish the food's nutritional value and is starting a new process in managing our food chain. However, we do have the option to choose wholesome foods that are produced, processed and packaged without introducing chemicals.

Drinking pure water is essential in facilitating the metabolic processes of assimilating and absorbing our food nutrients. But, in doing this, we should drink only small amounts while eating meals to let saliva enzymes do their work. Excess fluids will dilute gastric acids and enzymes, inhibiting their ability to fully breakdown and process the foods for assimilation. Lastly, when done eating, take time to relax. Allow your digestive and nervous systems absorb the nutrients by not churning right back into activity.

With a bewildering array of diets available... it's nearly impossible to know what to eat in the healthiest manner. Much of this confusion exists because one diet doesn't fit everybody. People with heart disease are urged to follow low-fat diets; serious athletes focus on protein intake; diabetics watch protein to carbohydrate ratios amongother things and cancer patients are told to avoid foods containing chemicals.

We advise you on key food groups tailoring these groups to your specific needs.

    Here are the groups we target:

  • Water - We are composed of more than 75% water. A minimum of eight glasses per day is required for the human body to function at peak vitality.

  • Proteins - Simply put, we humans are a container made up of proteins, fatty acids, filled with minerals and water. If we are deficient in protein and fatty acids, the container will began to leak and problems may arise. For most people the easiest type of protein to process is lean low fat meats.

  • Lipids and oils (fatty acids) - Lipids include cold-pressed oils from various nuts, seeds and olives. Good fatty acids are ingested when eating certain fish cooked at low temperatures. Another source of fat is found in animal products, but these fats are saturated and less than ideal. There are two kinds of fatty acids: saturated and unsaturated. The rule of thumb is over consumption of saturated is bad and unsaturated is essential to life. Unsaturated fatty acids are necessary for mineral absorption, nerve function, skin health, organ and tissue repair. They also act as natural anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates are short-term fuel for the body and fatty acids serve as long-term fuel... one without the other creates exhaustion and fatigue. There are different categories of carbohydrates; there are complex ones that consist of starchy and fiber vegetables and simple ones that consist of fruit and sweeteners. The key to carbohydrate ingestion is to eat them in their unrefined state. Complex carbohydrates need to be consumed daily and simple refined carbohydrates like refined sugar and flour should be avoided or minimally consumed. In other words these simple carbohydrates create a stress on your carbohydrate-digesting systems. On the other hand whole grains, oatmeal, and brown rice create little or no strain and give you the longest and steadiest energy production.

  • Vitamins and Minerals - These micro nutrients are normally found within food groups others than those above...but many times our active lifestyles require extra supplementation of these valuable nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the body act as a team and these vitamins are essential co-factors to allow certain metabolic actions to take place in the body.

  • Enzymes - Enzymes are extremely important in preparing all incoming nutrition for absorption by the body. They are catalysts, which activate numerous biochemical reactions in the bloodstream and digestive systems. We find enzymes outside of our own system in fruits and plants.
In our Nutritional Consultation Session we will address food from a perspective of health, keeping in mind the important and pervasive role it plays in our lives. Because of the strong cultural and social influences on individual eating patterns and the vast array of personal likes and dislikes, we avoid providing specific meal plans. Instead we provide a deeper understanding the role food can play in creating conditions of disease and health and share principles you can apply to your own situation.

We also review with you the results of your 3-day diet recall and our optimal food choices list to review your nutritional status. During the consultation process of discovery you'll receive feedback on how food can make a direct impact on your health and how to create simple changes that will form the foundation on which to build your new healthy lifestyle for years to come. See the list of Optimal Food Choices in our Resources Page..

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