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- Scope of Service -

Our Clinic's Eastern Medicine therapy embraces all of the basic natural health elements to analyze your current condition to prescribe a set of practices, habits and nutrients to set you on a path to wellness.

Your health is dependent on the quality of� food you eat, exercise you do, air you breathe, water you drink sleep you have and supplements you take.

- Natural Health Elements -

Food Type, Quality, Storage, Preparation and Consumption
  • Buy fresh whole foods and state the need to eat them while they're fresh so the enzymes etc. provide the best Nutrition. Etc�.
  • State importance for storage containers and methods to best preserve food,
  • Preferred methods for food preparation and the best cooking instruments to preserve nutrition
  • The preferred environment, attitude and manner for eating

Exercise Type, Level, Duration, and Equipment
  • The type(s) of best exercising for your current needs to Exercise
  • The maximum level of aerobic and anaerobic exercising effort for your condition
  • The build-up and continuing duration for exercise to fit your specific needs.
  • The importance of selecting the best equipment for your condition

Air Breathing Methods, Protective Masks and Purifiers
  • Air Breathing method summary here
  • Surgical masks were passed out during the San Diego
  • Air Purifiers are good because they remove particulates.
  • Oil Diffusers put helthy lubricating ingredients into the air
  • Grow Healthy Air Studies show that indoor plants enhance air quality and some actually remove common household pullutants.

Water Drinking Levels Frequency and Purifiers
  • Water drinking levels and frequency summary
  • Water Purifiers are good because they remove Chlorine, a known carcinogen.
  • Some remove lead�
  • You need to drink quality water

Eating, Exercising, Breathing and Drinking for Quality Sleep
  • Nutrition intake before bedtime
  • Exercise levels and time before bedtime
  • Air conditioning and purifying before bedtime
  • Water drinking levels and frequency before bedtime
  • Sleep devices to aid in breathing, apnea, etc.
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