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  • Breathing is the most important bodily function, we need quality air our entire life to stay alive

  • Proper breathing supports your immune and digestive systems

  • Deep conscious breathing assists the body's removal of waste products
  • Controlling quality of the air we breath demands our immediate and diligent attention

Studies have shown that stress is one of the largest contributors to health deterioration in our society today. Knowing how to breathe is crucial for maintaining vitality and life.

As we get older and get caught up in the daily rigors of life we begin to think of breathing as something that is accomplished by the lungs, rather than the whole body. Current stressful and sedentary lifestyles we accept that the increased shortness of breath and decreased vitality are normal signs of aging. This theory is flawed. Respiratory aging is a choice we make when we unconsciously or consciously choose shallow improper breathing. Consequently, conscious attention to adequate breathing must be considered an integral part of our on going health..

Advantages of proper breathing:
  • Adequate oxygen intake, a principle element for the body's production of energy

  • Enhance movement of diaphragm muscle's pumping action to move the immune systems lymphatic fluid and helps us digest food with muscle actions

  • Deep concentrated breathing patterns help to quite private mind chatter and resolve stressful situations

During our sessions together you will be given specific breathing exercises to consciously reprogram your breath. By increasing your awareness of the body's respiratory system and using solutions to more resourceful breathing patterns, you will be able to quickly move into peak vitality and natural stress reduction with greater ease.

Devices to Improve Air Quality:

The quality of air we breath is the Health Element over which we have the least control to regulate. While being outside prooves difficult we should exercise controls over air quality while at home and certainly while sleeping. Below are some some measures that have received public acceptance and presently occupy a significant commercial presence.
  • Air Purifiers are good because all of them remove particulates. Some have secondary and tertiary filtering stages to remove odors and even viruses. /li>

  • Surgical masks were passed out during recently the city of San Diego during the recent fires because County Medical Officials deemed this a manditory precaution.

  • Grow Healthy Air Studies show that indoor plants enhance air quality and some actually remove common household pollutants.

While our Clinic does not presently endorse any of the products currently on the market we do recommend that each person exercise due diligence in researching this topic.

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